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100 Clean Class Laminar flow Hood

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100 Clean Class Laminar flow Hood
 100 clean class laminar flow hood is a clean environment can provide local high air purification equipment. 100 clean class laminar flow hood mainly by the cabinet, fan, primary filter, HEPA filter, lighting, airflow diffuser plate, controls and other components.  100 clean class laminar flow hood can hanging at ceiling , but also ground support , compact, easy to use, 100 clean class laminar flow hood enclosure with anti- fingerprint stainless steel SUS304 production, sheet metal bending one production molding, no pipe connection, easy to clean and disinfect.

1. Airflow inlet flange                          2. Stainless steel smoke pipe

3. Centrifugal fan                               4. DOP test port

5. Pressure table                                6. Frequency control switch

7. Tank-style HEPA filters                   8.LED lights

9. Airflow diffuser membrane

100 Clean Class Laminar flow Hood Features: 

100 clean class laminar flow hood can be a single use, multiple connections can be composed of banded clean area. Laminar flow hood is a certain air velocity through the special designed HEPA filter, flow layers are formed, the clean air in a vertical unidirectional flow, thus ensuring the work area to process requirements of cleanliness.

100 clean class laminar flow hood has a fan built-in type, has ceiling mounted and floor support two installation methods. Laminar flow hood after the air through the fan to a certain pressure through HEPA filters, after clean air evenly through diffuser plate in a vertical laminar air flow type into the work area, thus ensuring the technology needed to reach the work area high cleanliness.

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