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Anlai Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Limited is make unremitting efforts for global customers with the most innovative, the most technical strength, the most leading purification equipments. The main products: fan filter unit (FFU), Personal (cargo) Air shower, clean booth, Hospital Laminar flow Ceiling HEPA, 100class clean bench , 100class (A grade ) laminar flow hood, clean pass box, mobile self-purification, weighing room, clean storage closet, clean sampling booth, HEPA filter, V type filter, Pocket filter, Pleated Pre-filter, Laboratory bench, all kinds steel made cabinets… etc.

Our products are made in strict compliance with FS209E, ISO14644-1 and GMP standard, widely applied in medical treatment, public health, micro-electronics, optical fiber& cable, bio-pharmaceuticals, food& beverage, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, inspection & quarantine, aerospace, automobile, precision instruments, institutions of higher education, scientific research and teaching, et. Anlaitech is to provide professional purification technology and solutions for you. 

Anlaitech ample completed series products can satisfy your any demand in clean room, air filtration and laboratory: from standard equipment and air filter to special kinds in different occasion and demand, we always supply advanced, high-quality reasonable and economical productions and service supporting for every different industry all over the world. No matter you belong to which industry, No matter which model you want, you would feel safe, assuredness and credibility if you co-operate with Anlai.

Anlai — We Clean Your Air!



     安莱净化 秉承“优质、创新、共赢”的经营理念,在研发生产过程中根据市场需求制造差异化的产品来满足不同客户的需求。我们竭诚为客户提供最专业的技术、最负责任的产品和最贴心的服务,努力为客户营造一流的洁净空间。

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