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According to the site to determine the Air shower size?

2019-03-06 17:45:19

According to the site to determine the Air shower size?

Each Air shower users who would like to know, how can prepare to confirm Air shower size rightly, they are not doing too lookout shower , wasted costs. Doing too small to affect the efficiency of production, then how to determine a good size of it? summs up the points for you to uncover the mystery explained:

1. The single person with double air blow air shower we normally use 1290(W) * 1000(D) * 2050(H) external dimensions as example, the reserved Airshower install size is larger than the outside dimensions, but not too much, because too big will not easy for trimming after Air shower installed.

2. If the cement wall shop solid wall , then both sides of the wall must be horizontal and vertical , and can be reserved for large size position than the dimensions 5mm each side , ie 1300(W)* 1000 (D) * 2190(H) until Airshower after installation the installer can use a little plastic glass to a dozen .

3 If you shop around for the color of the wall plate , you can refer cement wall Airshower stay real size , but outside the box Airshower is preferably a right angle , so that trimming costs will be lower if only the edge of the repair will be more unsightly .

4 Airshower installation site should be 380V three-phase four-wire power supply in place , and the Power greater than Airshower power .

5 Airshower placed in the ground has reached a basic level , the ground level of tolerance is +/-3mm.

6. According to the number of leaching into the working place to determine Air shower room size.


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