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Air Shower Door, also known as the Air shower

2014-05-20 12:24:43

Air Shower Door, also known as the Air shower
First, it works:
Air shower flow in the form of jets , variable speed centrifugal fan inside the vacuum filters through the air after the pre- pressed into the plenum chamber , and then blown through the nozzle clean air , to a certain wind speed through the work zone , the person was their dust particles and biological material particles away, so as to achieve the purpose of cleansing .

II: Air shower structure: 
The outdoor air shower box with box -type structure form, cabinet sides and upper part of the plenum chamber, built with the air filter. Air shower low noise , smooth operation of the air conditioning fan, air condition by adjusting the unit, make wind work area remains within the ideal range , thereby effectively extending the main components of a high-efficiency air filter Air shower device , reducing the running costs of the air shower room .

The air shower outdoor uses intelligent microcomputer control.
Three: Adaptation:
With the rapid development of science and technology, air shower has been widely used in electronics manufacturing , nuclear , aerospace, precision instruments , instrumentation , chemical , light industry, pharmaceutical, medical, food production and scientific research sectors. Air shower is used to remove a clean room and out of the dust of their own human and material ideal air purification equipment.

Four: Installation and use Air shower
1 Air shower clean purification plant should be installed in a closed air-conditioning plant or entrance.
2, the use of
3, into the air shower area, shut the door.
4, microcomputer automatic timing control , blowing leaching regular time , air shower automatically stops , walking
Shower area , and shut out .

Five: regular Maintenance: 
1 According to usage, periodically (usually 6-12 months) crude cloth (non-woven polyester) removed for cleaning or replacement.
VI. Technical Parameters
1 , ≥ 99.99% filtration efficiency
2, the fan flow ≥ 2000 cubic meters / hour / station
3 , illumination 300LX
4, Power 220V, 50Hz 380V, 50Hz

Standard Type : Single person using with single side blow , double side blows , three blows
Unit : MM
Dimensions : 1290× 1000 × 2050  1290 ×2000× 2050   1290 × 3000 × 2050
The type size : 790 ×860 × 1910   790 × 1860 × 1910   790 ×2860 × 1910


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