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Air shower, clean room, blowing dust bath shower use and management

2014-05-20 12:26:59

Air shower, clean room, blowing dust bath shower use and management

1. Purpose: to maintain the safe use of air shower, maintaining biological barrier environment cleanliness.
2 based on: " Laboratory Animal Management Regulations" ( State Science and Technology Commission of the People's Republic No. 2 , 1988 ) , "Animal rearing facilities requirements" ( Chinese National Standard , 2001 ) .

3 Air shower using:
( 1 ) entry barriers to the environment outside the locker room personnel should remove their jackets , except under the watch , mobile phones, jewelry, and other items.
(2) To enter inside the locker room, wearing purification clothing, hats , masks, gloves.
(3) Personnel to enter, immediately close the outer door, the wind leaching automatically start one minute (set).
(4) Air shower over, entry barriers to the environment.


4 Air shower management: 
(1) Air shower managed by the responsible person, the early effect of regular quarterly replacement filter.
(2) Every two years to replace Air shower efficient filter.
(3) Should be light open air shower interior light off, the outer door.
(4) In case Air shower failure, should be reported to professional service personnel. Under normal circumstances are not allowed to initiate a manual button.




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