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Air shower working principle and operation and maintenance

2014-11-18 02:33:51

Air shower working principle and operation and maintenance

Wind/cargo shower is a human/cargo entering and leaving the clean room required channel and also play the role of a sealed gas chamber clean room. In order to reduce the human/cargo brought out a large number of dust particles, the HEPA filtered clean air after the injection nozzle can be rotated in all directions from a human/on the goods, effectively and efficiently remove dust particles, dust particles cleared after and then from the beginning, after the HEPA filtered recirculated into the air shower area. In order to achieve the best results blowing leaching, and wind/cargo shower nozzle outlet design wind speed can reach 25m/s or more, the minimum wind blowing person 20m/s, the factory 's initial air shower time to 15 seconds. Airshower provides a modular assembly methods, according to the actual needs can be assembled into various lengths of the air shower size.

Next, we give you about is Air shower operation introduction.

First, the operating instructions Air shower

1) Turn 380V, 50HZ power supply (L1, L2, L3- FireWire , N- zero line , E- ground wire ), open work , lighting switch , make sure the fan and lighting work, this time, the wind / cargo shower in The initial state can be normal operation.

2) The door program : put anti-static clean clothes → open the front door , personnel / cargo entering → wind / cargo shower began blowing leaching , wind speed up to 25m / s or more, ( Air shower : air shower in each region around sideways several times , so that the body completely in the air shower in ) At this power locks work , front and rear doors can not be opened → wind / cargo shower after 15 seconds of air shower automatically stops ( air shower time shipped from the factory default setting is 15 seconds , can also be user-set ) electric door locks work at this time , personnel / cargo is not allowed to exit through the front door → open the rear door , personnel / cargo door out → ended process .

3) When the program opens the back door to go out , people / cargo entering → go , wind / cargo shower room shower does not blow directly open the front door , personnel / cargo exit Cleanroom → end out process.

Second, Air shower Handling Precautions
(1 ) wind / blowing leaching leaching cargo room in the state , non- open ( until it stops blowing leaching ) . In case of emergency , press the emergency stop switch stops after blow shower door .
(2 ) wind / cargo shower powered electronic interlocking doors on both sides , when a door is not completely closed , non- forced open another door .
(3 ) wind / Cargo operated by hand shower , air shower nozzle after positioning, non-operators do not easily displaced.

(4) After blowing leaching ended, non- forced open the front door.

Third, Air shower maintenance
Replace the beginning (1 ) Proposed efficiency filters once per month , depending on the actual usage may be appropriate to extend or shorten the replacement cycle.

(2 ) regular cleaning wind / cargo shower room, keep internal cleaning.

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