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Black Anti-Static Air Curtain Laminar flow Clean Shed

  • Model: AL-CS Series
  • Category: Cleanroom partial purification Laminar flow Series
  • OEM: Customized design is available
  • Clean Class Level: 100-100.000class designable
  • Electrical: 50Hz/60Hz 220V/110V International

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Product Details

Black Anti-Static Air Curtain Laminar flow Clean Shed Material Configuration
1 Specifications : This product amorphous specifications, in full accordance with customer needs to do
2 Frame : 50 * 50 square steel spray pass ( solid, beautiful, no rust, no dust production )
3 black electrostatic curtain :. 0.5mm grid ( anti-static effect, when impermeable , flexibility is good, no deformation , not aging, in addition to electrostatic dust

4 cleanroom roof made of 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray

5. Dedicated clean room purification lights

6. Filter Unit FFU: Using AC EBM355 centrifugal fan, sizes 1175 * 575 * 230mm, efficient two-stage filtration system, filtration efficiency 99.99% 0.3um, adjustable speed , maximum air volume 1200m3 / h, with a long life , low noise, maintenance-free, low-vibration, and other characteristics can be continuously variable fan reliable quality, long working life with a unique duct design, greatly improving the efficiency of the fan , reducing noise )
7. The top full covered with FFU fan filter unit, in order to achieve 100 purification class level.

Laminar flow clean shed according to the specific needs of customers to design, such as material, size and so on.

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