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Car painting line air shower room

  • Model: AL-GS Series
  • Category: Clean Room Entrance
  • Applicable: Goods/Trolley
  • Air Showering Type: Three-Side Doulbe-side
  • OEM: Customized design is available
  • Nozzles: 304 Stainless steel
  • Electrical: 380V/220V/230V International

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Product Details

Car painting line air shower room

1, double side air blow, cold-rolled steel or stainless steel made;

2, the floor grill, bottom base with stainless steel water tray, with water inlet and water outlet;

3, the air shower door is manual or full automatic type;

4, the air shower room for one-way access, next to the door to set up exit tunnel.

5, the air shower room can be set to a constant temperature automatic electric heating air shower room, meet the needs of the North user;

6, can take the access card management system, to facilitate the management of the workshop personnel;

7, the coating line is divided into the first floor air shower and the second floor clean area air shower room, size according to the design requirements;

Working principle of the system of the car blowing on the line

By purifying matched low noise centrifugal fan, the wind leaching room air by the primary filter into the plenum, then through HEPA air filters, the clean air spray out from the air shower room high-speed nozzles, nozzle angle can be adjusted, effectively clean the dust of people or carry items attached to the surface of dust, blowing dust into the primary air filters, so the cycle can achieve the purpose of the clean air shower. 

1.1 Functional Requirements

- The air blowing system with self-clean function, when the car body enters showering area then automatic blowing operation.

-The air blowing system to form a relatively closed space, both ends separate by the air curtain, and the length of the dust blowing system is greater than the length of the car body.

- the air inside circulation, and has the function of filtering.

- the design of blowing system should easy for daily cleaning, maintenance.

- the internal blowing nozzle direction can be adjusted.

- wind pressure wind speed should be above 20m/s.

1.2 Design Additional Conditions

- after the completion of the construction does not affect the maintenance of other peripheral equipment.

- the design and installation of the air blowing system, air showering is not affected car body surface spraying.

- after the completion of construction does not effect the logistic mode and control mode of the other peripheral equipments.

1.3 station of human engineering

1.3.1 noise

- the maximum noise level that allows the device to generate: 78 dB at 1000HZ.

1.3.2 security

-- device for operator, car body should not be aggressive.

- protective measures to be taken in the areas of personnel and products.


Factory testing (all the sets you ordered):  

All of equipment is individually factory tested for safety and performance in accordance with international Standards. Each unit is shipped with a documentation outlining the tests undertaken and the unit’s individual results for each unit.

Factory test include:

--appearance testing

--functional test and visual inspection

--electrical safety tests

--air velocity testing

--noise testing



Our equipment is warranty for 1 year excluding consumable parts and accessories.

All equipment is shipped with a comprehensive use’s manual complete with a report documenting all test procedures.

Additional IO/OQ/GMP document is available upon request.

Contact our sales representative for specific warranty details or document request. 


Welcome your inquiry.

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