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Clean Room Air Shower

  • Model: All Air Shower Models
  • Category: Clean Room Entrance
  • Applicable: Goods/Trolley Person
  • OEM: Customized design is available
  • Nozzles: 304 Stainless steel
  • Electrical: 50Hz/60Hz International 380V/220V/230V

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Product Details

 Clean Room Air Shower Features: 

PLC intelligent control system, two-door electronic interlocking, infrared inductor for automatic air showering, double doors locked when blowing.

Using multi-acid cleaning, electrostatic and non-dust spray treatment cold rolled steel or stainless steel for cabinet material, stainless steel handle and nozzles, thicken stainless steel 304 for bottom plate of the air shower as the basic configuration.

Adopts ANLAI brand Primary filter and HEPA filter, two-stage filtration system, HEPA filter efficiency up to 99.99 %, to ensure the purification level.
LED display the air shower running status, clearly show the shower time and the air showering time is 0 ~ 99s adjustable.

Equipped with stainless steel multi-angle adjustable nozzles, big air volume with low-noise fan, air velocity up to 25m / s or more.
Modular structure design can be assembled according to the actual needs, for the large size air shower, can be split into multiple modules, making the transportation, installation particularly easy and fast;
Imported electronic components, advanced noise reduction system and EVA sealant with high sealing performance.

● Human being voice prompts remind of user progress in chamber, emergency switch help you out of the trouble.

Clean Room Air Shower Introduction:

Air shower is essential purification equipment to the modern industry clean room, installed between the clean room and unclean room. It blow clean air can remove the dust which carried by the man or goods, effectively block or reduce the source of dust into the clean area. The air shower room two doors are electronic interlocking, played as a role of an airlock, preventing unpurified air into the clean area.

Air shower classification
1.Air shower according blowing method can be divided into: vertical air shower room, single-side blow air shower room, double-side blow air shower room, three-side blow air shower room,
2.Air shower according to cabinet material can be divided into: Stainless steel air shower, steel made air shower, epoxy powder coated made air shower, inside stainless steel air shower, sandwich panel made air shower.

3.Air shower according to the different degree of automation can be divided into : intelligent voice Air shower , automatic-door opening air shower, auto air showering clean room, fast rolling doors air shower

4.Air shower according to different objects can be divided into: personal shower room, cargo shower, air shower channel, channel cargo shower

Optional accessories

1, Full stainless steel cabinet

2, polished stainless steel

3, Ionizing wind bar for anti-static air flow

4, automatic door
5, Three-door air shower, L TYPE door opening air shower
6, Pressure gauge

7, 380V 50/60Hz, 220V 50/60Hz, 230V 50/60Hz

Anlai Personal Air Shower Models: 1400 Air Shower,1300 Air Shower, 1290 Air Shower, 1150 Air Shower. ETC

Anlai Cargo Air Shower Models: 1800 Air Shower, 2000 Air Shower, 2300 Air Shower, 2500 Air Shower. ETC

OEM: Customized design is welcome.

Attached: Warranty card: 1pc

Strictly factory test report: 1pc

Company introduction: 1pc

There are more information about Clean Room Air Shower, Compact air filter and other clean room products,welcome to visit.


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