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Cleanroom HEPA ceiling Modular is an ideal terminal filtration device for 100,1000, 100,000 clean class purification air conditioning system can be widely in medicine pharmaceutical, health, electronics, chemical and so on industry clean room air conditioning system. HEPA ceiling modular is used to renovate or build 1000-300000 grade levels terminals clean room filters, purification equipment to meet the critical requirements. HEPA ceiling modular contain plenum, diffuser plate, HEPA filter, and duct interface can be connected to the top or side of the heap ceiling modular. HEPA ceiling modular have HEPA filter replaceable type and disposable type, both the air supply box. Replaceable HEPA Series: The outlet by the HEPA filter, high-quality sheet steel, diffusion plates and other components, easy to install, reliable seal, can easily replace the HEPA filter. Disposable type HEPA Series: light and ultra thin, one time using, easy to replace (just remove the hoop to the flexible joint between the air duct and vent). The series is particularly suitable for purifying the air conditioning system ceiling space is limited. Main advantages: simple box structure, reliable, strong ventilation, air evenly, easy to install, free maintenance.

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