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Decryption functions and characteristics of stainless steel Pass thru box(Transfer window)

2014-05-20 12:35:05

Stainless steel pass box is placed in a clean room wall of the device , its function as a buffer passed clean indoor and outdoor items , stainless steel pass box prevents the transfer when the item opens the door and damaged the air flow and chamber pressure of the clean room , clean transfer windows can reduce the number of workers out to prevent the entry of external dust , stainless steel pass box two-door interlock control to prevent cross-contamination

1.Internal stainless steel, flat and smooth , shell quality steel plate electrostatic spray , nice

2.Mechanical interlock or electronic interlocking devices to ensure that both sides of the door can not be open at the same time
3.On both sides of the cabinet can be installed to open the door lights , can know the opposite door open
4.Stainless steel pass box equipped with a special seal to ensure air tightness

Stainless steel pass box as an adjunct of the clean room equipment , mainly for the clean area and clean area , clean area with clean area between the transfer of small items , in order to reduce the number of clean room door , the maximum reduction in the clean area contamination. In general, they have the following common features :

1. stainless steel pass box electrical / mechanical interlocks , stainless steel pass box but can only open one of the doors ;
2. stainless steel transfer box material for the cold plate multilayer pickling spray , clean transfer box wall stainless steel ;
3 , stainless steel pass thru at the top with four 360 stainless steel adjustable nozzle ;

4 , short-range stainless steel pass thru box work surface made of stainless steel , flat and smooth wear
5 , long distance stainless steel pass box work tops, power roller , deliver things easy and convenient
6 , both sides of the door with mechanical interlock or electronic interlocking , electronic latching device to ensure that both sides of the door can not be turned on simultaneously

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