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Electronics Manufacturing Cleanroom Project

2014-06-27 12:00:34

With the development of computers, microelectronics and information technology, that promote the rapid development of the electronics manufacturing industry, but also led to the development of clean room technology, while the clean room design put forward higher requirements, electronic manufacturing clean room design is an integrated technology, only fully understand the design features of electronic manufacturing clean room, rational design, to make the product defective rate of the electronics manufacturing industry to reduce and improve production efficiency.

Electronics manufacturing 10,000 clean room plant characteristics:

Require high level of clean class, air flow volume, temperature, humidity, pressure, and equipment air exhaust controlled ventilation according to demands, illumination, wind speed of clean room sectional controlled by the design or specification, in addition to static class clean room extremely strict requirements, particularly where humidity requirements. Easy to produce static electricity because the plant is too dry, causing damage to CMOS integrated.


Generally, the temperature of electronics plant should be controlled at about 22 , relative humidity between 50-60 % ( special clean workshop with relevant provisions of temperature and humidity ). At this point can effectively eliminate static electricity, and people also feel comfortable. Chip production plant, integrated circuits and disk clean-room manufacturing plant is an important part of belonging to the electronics manufacturing industry clean room, as in the manufacturing of electronic products, the production process and the quality of indoor air environment of extremely strict requirements , mainly to control particulates and dust as the main object, but also its environmental temperature and humidity, the amount of fresh air and noise made stringent requirements.

● Electronic factory class 10,000 clean room noise level (empty state) : should not exceed 65dB (A)
● Electronic manufacturing vertical flow clean room littered with not less than 60%, the horizontal unidirectional flow clean room should be less than 40% , otherwise it is a partial one-way flow .
● Static pressure difference electronics factory clean room inside and outdoor should not be less than 10Pa, different clean class level areas between non- clean areas static pressure difference not less than 5Pa.


Electronics manufacturing industry 10000clean class clean room, fresh air should take the maximum of the following two items:

● The required amount in sum of compensation indoor ventilation and keep the value of the interior positive pressure

● Ensure the supply of fresh air per person per hour of clean room is not less than 40m3.

Electronics manufacturing industry clean room air conditioning system heater should be set fresh air, over-temperature shutdown protection, should the use of a humidifier set point water protection, cold areas, fresh air system should be set frost protection measures. Clean room air supply should take the following three max values:

● Ensure air flow volume matched electronics manufacturing clean room clean class level:

● Calculation to determine the amount of electronics factory clean room air under the hot, wet load:
● The amount of fresh air supply to the electronic manufacturing clean room:


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