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FFU fan air filter unit knowledge part 4- The FFU control mode

2014-05-20 12:35:28

The FFU control mode status quo
FFU motor depending on the type of power supply can be divided into AC and DC motors . Of the points of the AC motor and single -phase and three-phase supply voltage roughly have 110V , 220V , 270V , 380V, 480 five kinds .
 AC motor and DC motor compared with a simple structure, small size, easy to manufacture , reliable operation, low price, long life and other advantages , the disadvantage is speed performance is not good . Its control mode is divided into multi-gear switching control , pressure control , frequency control . The presence of a DC motor complex structure , manufacture and operation and maintenance costs and short service life and other shortcomings , the advantage is easy to control , speed performance . Below some of the commonly used control method to do a simple analysis and comparison :

 software control
Computer control mode generally use DC motor, compared with the first two methods , computer control has the following advanced features :
1) Distributed Control can easily achieve the the FFU centralized monitoring and control .
2) can facilitate the realization of the FFU single , multiple and sub-control .
3) intelligent control system with energy-saving features .

4) may be optional remote monitoring and control .
5) Control system reserved for communication interface to communicate with the host computer or network , enabling remote communication and management capabilities .
DC motor control outstanding advantages : easy to control, wide speed range . But the control is also flawed : the entire system is expensive ( as shown in the motor has a built - in microprocessor ) , and high maintenance costs later .

 Group control
AC FFU control systems often PLC system architecture to achieve control of the group , which enables remote control fan start and stop , and monitor the operational status of each group . General one thousand , ten thousand and one hundred thousand clean room can often see such a system

1) the so-called multi-gear switching control is to adjust the speed of the motor by changing the motor stator coil turns . The controller consists of a speed control switch and a power switch . Control components for FFU comes , distributed in various locations within the ceiling of the clean room , staff in the field by Deflect switch to adjust the speed FFU , very inconvenient to control and FFU wind speed adjustable range is limited , limited to a few files. The advantage of the use of multi-gear switching control mode control is simple , low cost , but there are many shortcomings : For example: energy consumption, not smooth speed control .

2 ) The so-called voltage control mode , that is by directly changing the size of the motor stator voltage to adjust the speed of the motor . Regulating Method disadvantages are: governor efficiency low energy consumption , low speed, the motor heat is severe , narrow speed range . However, the regulator for FFU fan load , the defect is not obvious , and in the present circumstances there are some advantages: speed programs mature , stable speed control system ; easy to operate, low cost control system ; FFU fan the load is very light at low speeds , the motor heat is not very serious

3) the so - called frequency control mode is by way of changing the power supply frequency to adjust the rotational speed of the motor , at the same time , the input voltage of the motor is adjusted according to a certain proportion . Inverter controlled with excellent performance , speed range , smooth speed control and high efficiency . Frequency generally use a more advanced the SPWM control mode and using SCM to generate SPWM waveform . The SPWM inverter the same way as compared to other inverter system has the following characteristics : simple structure, easy to control ; high input power factor ; system fast dynamic response ; less output harmonic . In the present circumstances , the regulator , frequency there are some shortcomings, which is mainly reflected in the following two areas : the relatively high cost of variable frequency control system ; life is not as good as regulator means .




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