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Fire-Resistant Modular Clean room

2018-10-22 17:40:19

Fire-Resistant Modular Clean room


Fire-resistant cleanroom shown with FM 4910-listed transparent CPVC wall panels

For applications involving flammable liquids or gases, Terra's modular clean room can be outfitted with components constructed of noncombustible materials to make the interior surfaces more fire-resistant.  In addition to steel paneling,


ANLAITECH offers two types of plastic panels that have been Specification Tested according to FM 4910 Clean Room Materials Flammability Test Protocol for flame spread, smoke contamination and resistance to corrosives.


Modular Clean Room China

FM 4910-listed transparent CPVC panels offer greater strength and full visibility with a choice of a slight gray or blue tint

FM 4910-listed white polypropylene panels are resistant to a wider range of chemicals and are opaque for privacy

For more durable panels, choose either powder-coated steel or stainless steel

Material choices will replace all wall panels, blank ceiling panels, and door panels

Powder-coated steel frame and steel ceiling grid are inherently noncombustible and completely self-supported; no drop-ceiling required!

Modular construction features interchangeable components that can be easily configured to better control hazards and environmental concerns

Standardized 2x 4ceiling bays make it simple to add HEPA-filtered fan units as needed to meet ISO 5 ISO 8 cleanroom classifications

Heavy duty, explosion-proof LED lighting, fan/filter units, fume hoods and power switches are also available



ISO 8 cleanroom


more Clean rooms all made of anlaitech please don't copy, welcome to contact with us for your clean room solutions!  source from: prepared by David Peng +86 13826021570

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