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Hand Washing and Drying Machine

  • Category: Clean Room Accessories
  • OEM: Customized design is available
  • Electrical: 380V/220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz International

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Product Details

Hand Washing and Drying Machine

1. Drying sensor  

2. Heater: 1500W
3. HEPA filter, efficiency H13
Piped water purifier         

5. Fans 220V 50Hz 370w airflow: 2510m3 / h
6. Electrical control            

7. Airflow outlet, 304 stainless steel
8. Automatic sensor faucets

9. Primary air filter

10. Comb mirror
11. Stainless steel cabinet
12. Working, power indicator and emergency stop switch
13. Stainless steel sink
14. Front access door
15. Stainless steel with plastic foot margin
16. Anlaitech trademark


Configuration Instructions:
1. Control
A. Hand get to sensor water tap automatically water supply, sensing distance 25cm;

B. Hand under the nozzle automatic blow the air through HEPA filter, filtered clean heated air, air velocity is adjustable.

C. Automatic water supply even power failure .
2. Material
Overall SUS304 stainless steel seamless welded panels washbasins
Comb mounted mirror, convenient for staff clothing.


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