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How do make clean room and dust-clean protection

2014-05-20 12:25:09

How do make clean room and dust-clean protection

Refers to the clean room air pollutants within a certain range of spatial particles , harmful air exclusion bacteria , and the indoor temperature , cleanliness, chamber pressure , gas flow rate and air distribution, noise and vibration and lighting , electrostatic controlled within a range of needs , particularly given the design of the room while . That is, regardless of how changes in the external air conditions , and its interior could have maintained all requirements originally set cleanliness , temperature, humidity and pressure characteristics of performance .

     So how do the clean room dust, clean it?

Prior to joining First Air shower workshop to go through with their clothes clean air shower attached to the surface of the dust particles , bacteria isolated from the source ;
     Use insulated sandwich board room and outside temperature difference ;
     Clean room door half closed doors are clean ;
     Efficient use of mechanical compression filter outlet or sump seals to ensure no leakage outlet installation , reliable sealing, good purification effect ;

If you need to pass something on the use of transfer port can effectively reduce the number of clean-room door opened , and the reduction of pollution clean area of the minimum.

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