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How to choose the one hundred class ultra clean bench

2014-05-20 12:33:46

How to choose the one hundred class ultra clean bench 

For this problem, everyone has their own opinion , there is only elaborated some of my suggestions for you for reference .
Sales staff how to show off in front of you a variety of new technology , you have to pay attention to this fan and filter clean benches , these two things on behalf of the technical level, can not be fake . Unfortunately , the level of fan and high efficiency air filters a lot worse than foreign products , the domestic production of high-end products is generally used import filter and fan .

A lot of people will say to you we use high efficiency air filters This is an interesting play on words , because countries are different definitions and standards of high efficiency air filters , and even test method is also quite different , so it is best not to efficient air the concept of filters and filter real filtration efficiency equivalent . Can require suppliers to provide similar micron particle filtration efficiency of the filter is greater than the filtration efficiency of data , the smaller the particle , the filtration efficiency is higher, the better the performance of the filter is worth noting that the test method is generally used in international photon counting law, and the common test method is sodium flame method .

Please note that the grade of the product you need , clean benches on the domestic market generally sub-file :
Economy : the use of high efficiency air filters of the national standard indicators below international standards , poor appearance ; the fan generally domestic ordinary fan , better performance when they start working for a long time performance can not be guaranteed ; in order to reduce costs , efflux air filter ; simple control system , poor appearance .

General type: full import or foreign raw materials and foreign technology in the domestic production of air filters , performance close to the imported products ; fan with a mid-range products , but also useful for the fans, more reliable , but the majority is not clean benches special needs of the design , so long stroke volume is uneven its characteristics ; overall performance is better, but the control system is relatively simple , glass doors are generally manual .

High-end : all imports of high-end products or more original filter ; fan is clean benches characteristic design imported wind turbines ; major performance for the more common type ; control system provides users with optimized : glass door mostly driven by electric motors , cabinets sensor can reflect filters work to improve the product can be * a few products using embedded control systems .

Do not simply focus on the purchase of the Clean Bench
The clean benches purchase , offer is an important factor . However, if taking into account the clean bench is long-term use of the equipment, maintenance and repair costs are also higher . It should take into account the cost of the entire life of the product . A prominent feature in clean benches , the air filter is a loss products, the process of using the filter surface dust will accumulate , leading to wind resistance will increase , last filter retirement , so that the system failure
 . Once this phenomenon is the high-end products immediately to alarm you , but you are unsure of whether the low-end products the same problem if you know who spend more money to buy replacement filters is cumbersome and costly . , so the majority of high-end products to extend the life of the filter with the installation of pre-filter approach , while the majority of low-end products only symbolic add a piece of cloth only .


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