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Introduction of Top Air flow Air Shower Room(Vertical type Air shower)

2014-05-20 12:33:04

Top Air flow Air Shower Room(Vertical type Air shower)

Product Features : Top Air flow Air Shower  room with shower top send the wind , the top air flow shower room relatively general Airshower better dust removal work can be better able to effectively remove people or goods are brought out of the clean room a lot of dust particles , so as to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room . Top hair shower room generally used in electronics , microelectronics, precision instruments, bio-medicine, food processing , aerospace and other fields requires strict control of air where ( staff entrances ) . Top air flow air shower room details: air shower equipment manufacturing experts !

Top air flow air shower room structure :
Top air flow air shower roo made by the fan , HEPA filter , primary filter , stainless steel nozzle and the return air system.

Top Hair Shower Category:
Top air flow air shower room including single top air flow air shower room, double top air flow air shower room , stainless steel top air flow air shower room , intelligent voice top air flow air shower room , automatic sliding door top air flow air shower room , fully automatic top air flow air shower room , shower room air cargo shower channel cargo shower channel and so on.

Airshower workflow:
Air shower room air by the fan blowing through the primary filter into the plenum , the high efficiency air filters , the clean air of greater than 22 ~ 25m / s wind speed from the air shower super speed spray nozzle chamber , return air through the bottom , forming a bottom return air within the circulatory system. Top air flow  air shower room as clean air as the piston vertically under pressure, can quickly put a person or object surface dust particles away, clear with excellent results.

Top air flow air shower routine technical parameters: Item Name Keland 1300-1 type ( bilateral blowing leaching ) Keland  1300-2 type ( bilateral blowing leaching ) Keland 1300-3 type ( bilateral blowing leaching ) Airshower channel


Keland 1300-1:790×860×1910

Keland 1300-2:790×1860×1910

Keland 1300-3:790×2860×1910

Air shower Exterinal size (mm)

Keland 1300-1:1300×1000×2180

Keland 1300-2:1300×2000×2180

Keland 1300-3:1300×3000×2180

Fan Power 0.75/1.1KW 1.5/2.2KW 2.25/3.3KW

Number of nozzles:10/12pcs 20/24pcs 30/36pcs

HEPA filter size(mm) 600×600×120 600×600×120 600×600×120

Prefilter size(mm) 770×380×17 770×380×17 770×380×17

Showering time 0-99s adjustable

The factory setting is 15S nozzle orifice diameter Φ25mm Airshower wind speed ≥ 22 ~ 25m / s Power supply 3N 380V 50HZ filter efficiency for dust particle size ≥ 0.5μm should be 99.99% ( sodium flame method ) Airshower Cabinet Material cold rolled steel paint , stainless steel and color steel manufacturing Airshower door material cold rolled steel paint, stainless steel and color steel plate, with a transparent window Airshower channel floor sanding wear resistant easy to clean stainless steel Airshower acceptable non-standard build .





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