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Irregular-shaped Door Industrial Modular Air Shower Cleanroom

  • Model: AL-AS-1300 Series
  • Category: Clean Room Entrance
  • Applicable: Person
  • Air Showering Type: Doulbe-side
  • OEM: Customized design is available
  • Nozzles: 304 Stainless steel
  • Electrical: International 380V/220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Optional: Full SUS / Interphone / Auto-Door type / Pressure gauge/ UV light

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Product Details

Air Shower: symbolic equipment for the clean room. It would blowing away the dust from the surface of the operators clothes, equipment, materials and tools which will enter the clean room; It is electronically interlocked and can be used a a buffer area for clean room of different classes, thus preventing cross contamination resulted from personal access.

T style Air Shower Define:

"T" Type is widely applied in two clean room which contains very few person sharing the same one exit and entrance in little square (or use the same dressing room), it also made with the electron-interlock for three doors in order to save space and equipment.

03 air shower.png

spec of air shower.pngL air shower drawing.png

Product Feature:

Special ultrathin blowing tube housing and fan, match with rotatable embedded stainless steel nozzle, greatly increased the space utilization and blowing tube effect.

With G1 and H13 HEPA filter two level filtration to ensure the purification class;

High quality infrared sensor automatically showering;

Imported electronic interlock device, two doors can not opened at same time;

Adopts single chip microcomputer control, LCD display working status;

Built-in many sets of operating procedures, can be convenient and flexible call. Intelligent man-machine dialogue interface makes operation chain, such as real-time monitoring state.

Standard of the modular design, make field assembly faster and more convenient maintenance.

But according to user needs and site condition transformation function and form.

002 cleanroom air shower.png


02 air shower.png


FOXCM Group Jia Shan Plant

0951 air shower.png

Want Want New Plant-Jiang Ning City

air shower unit.png

Daliyuan Food Factory

2922 material air shower.png

clean room testing.png

Factory testing (all the sets you ordered):

All of equipment is individually factory tested for safety and performance in accordance with international Standards. Each unit is shipped with a documentation outlining the tests undertaken and the unit’s individual results for each unit.

Factory test include:

--appearance testing

--functional test and visual inspection

--electrical safety tests

--air velocity testing

--noise testing




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