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Laminar flow clean bench(laminar flow box) clean air method

2014-05-20 12:33:25

Laminar flow clean bench(laminar flow box) clean air method

Air through the filter production environment is first aerospace industry use . Even a tiny flaw can cause the satellite to errors in the work , therefore , nasa ( Translator's Note: U.S. Aerospace Center ) and its service providers have built a mezzanine and filtration with filter ceiling wall workshop. And pioneered many of the basic concept of pollution control , including staff from the work to a clean room with clean clothes substance treatment method .

Semiconductor industry uses a lot of this technology . However, a major problem is that when a small processing plant for the expansion of large-scale plant workers to work more , it is difficult to maintain its inherent cleanliness. Early semiconductor industry to mezzanine ceiling and wall with filter method evolved into clean bench method . This is mainly the filter installed in a single workbench , and use of non- shedding substances. Outside the table , the wafer is mounted in a sealed box in the storage, transportation.

In a large workshop in an ordered table ( known as the working cover ) component processing area, according to the wafer process from order through without exposed to air. Clean the filter cover work is a collection of high-efficiency particulate filter (hepa filters ) . The filter is made with many small holes , according to the piano accordion folded leaf fibers brittle ( see figure 5.8 ) , due to the high density of holes and the large area of the filter layer , so that a large number of low air flow. As low air flow of air can be avoided , is conducive to the cleanliness of the table , and for the operator , in the comfortable work environment is also necessary. 6 is a typical air flow rate 90-100 inches per minute . hepa filter can reach 99.99 % or higher filtration efficiency, and the purification method used for three .

In general, electronic hepa filter installed in clean bench top Figure 5.9 . Air is sucked by a fan into the first through the pre-filter and then through the hepa filter and a uniform flow parallel to the work surface to change direction out of the table . Installing the air baffle to control the activities of the wafer surface orientation , generally laminar flow of air in this way is called Vertical formula (vertical air flow clean bench), which is named after the air flow direction . Some work bench put hepa filters installed on the rear bench , this approach is known as laminar air flow in parallel (horizontal clean bench).

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