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One,FFU appearance purification unit

2014-09-01 17:41:59

One,FFU appearance purification unit
Currently, Anlai purification equipment manufacturers of FFU purification unit , from the appearance can be so divided :
1 , from the shape of the two, one is rectangular ( Figure 1 ) , an upper part of the slope shape ( Figure 2 ) . FFU purification unit shown in the upper portion of Fig 2 formed sloping , played a role in the diversion , and a uniform current distribution in favor of the gas flow. FFU purification unit shown in Figure 1 generally rely on other means to balance the air flow ( described in detail later ) .
2 , from the structure of two, one for the whole ( Figure 3 ) , a kind of split ( Figure 4 ) .

1, the pre-filter 6 , the flow equalizer means
2 , the housing body 7 , a filter
3 , duct connecting member 8 , a metal fence
4, the motor 9 , a knife edge
5 , the impeller 10 , the control element

Below, we analyze the introduction of the various components :
A pre- filter
Usually washable polyurethane foam , mainly to prevent damage to the filter due to construction , maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances arising debris may cause.
Second, the outer housing
Constituent materials generally have aluminum , aluminum alloy , hard plastic , stainless steel , such as several different manufacturers and different environments have different options , a thickness of about 1.2 to 2.0 , depending on the thickness of the case and some can be manned .

Third, the duct connecting parts
Clean the lower level (≤ 1000
Federal Standard 209E) the case , then there is no upper ceiling plenum , FFU purification unit is connected with the duct so that the connecting member and the duct is very easy to clean unit FFU .

Fourth, the motor
At present, the AC motor and DC motor has a purification unit for use in FFU , bulky DC motor , high cost, easy to control , high energy consumption . AC motors small volume , low cost, control requires appropriate technology , low energy consumption. Now the life of the motor FFU used in the purification unit is about 4 to 100,000 hours. Some excellent motor will appropriate technologies, such as oil- lubricated , sealed bearings, thermal protection, commutator life has been significantly improved and so on.

Fifth, the impeller
There are two forms of the impeller , forward and backward, forward arrows help increase airflow to flow , and enhance the ability to remove dust . Backward help to reduce energy consumption , reduce noise .
Six , air balancing device
With the growing popularity of the purification unit FFU , most manufacturers are beginning to assemble the flow equalizer means for adjusting the outlet flow FFU purification unit , thereby improving the flow distribution of the clean room .

Currently, this equalizing means about three types: one for the plates ( Figure 6 ) , mainly to adjust the gas flow FFU purification unit through the outlet hole density board. A is a grid ( Figure 7 ) , mainly through the grille to adjust the density of the air flow outlet of the purification unit FFU . Another driving force for the curve ( Figure 8 ) , the curve shape is mainly induced by the flow stream , but also through the hole density distribution curve to adjust the airflow .

Seven , the filter
FFU purification filters and other filters used in clean room unit used as not repeat them here .
VIII metal fence
Protective metal protective effect on the main filter , most of them anti-static .

Nine , knife edge
When FFU purification unit used in some special occasions , FFU knife edge seal tank cleaning unit can be used , which can meet the high sealing requirements.
         Ten, the control unit

FFU purification unit control switch can be roughly divided into multiple files , continuously adjustable , such as several computer control , while achieving a single control functions , zoning control, alarm , running status display.

There are more components for FFU purification units, such as Downflow Booths, click to get more information.

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