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Portable Emergency Eye Wash Shower

  • Category: Clean Room Accessories
  • OEM: Customized design is available
  • Clean Class Level: 100Class
  • Electrical: 380V/220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz International

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Product Details

(1) Water intake
2.6610 composite emergency showering eyewash
3. Hand-press type adjustment switch
4.PVC anti-static electricity curtain
5. Water outlet
6. Chassis
7. Spray nozzle
8. Hand-pull type switch
9. Eye wash basin
10. Water leakage mesh panel



Dimensions (mm) 

1000 * 900 * 2260

inlet size (mm) (W x D x L), 


outlet size (mm) (W x D x L), 


wash basin head consumption (L / min) 


shower consumption (L / min) 

of 120 ~~ 180

chassis size (mm)



Product Features:
1. For eyes, face, hands and other parts cleaning
2. Wash switch ball valve quick start within one second
3. Shower heads 120 – 180L/min eyewash nozzle 12L/min
4. With good oil resistance, anti-acid, anti-alkali, salt solution

5. Suitable for the purification plant of the electronics industry, and centralized sewage treatment site.
6. Shower room with nozzles and eye wash nozzle, bottom with catchment tray and sewage interface.
7. Nozzles made of high density ABS materials / 304 stainless steel, built-in stainless steel filters can filter water impurities
8. Eye wash basin height degree of suitability. Wash basin, hole height and angle are fully in accordance with the facial proportions, dual water hole water design ergonomic

9 ease pressure principle, the spray flow is more moderate, protect eye mask and
10. Main material 304 quality stainless steel bright yellow ABS coating, coating thickness 3mm (including curtain and water dish) with pedal linkage hands and feet
Faster and more convenient. Pedal for carbon steel. Easy to operate, high strength, solid structure

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