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Portable Sampling Booth

  • Category: Clean Room Accessories
  • Applicable: Simplfied cleanroom
  • Air Showering Type: Vertical&Horizontal
  • Clean Class Level: 100class/1000class/10000class
  • Electrical: 50Hz/60Hz 220V/110V International
  • Optional: Pressure gauge/UV light/ULPA filter

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Product Details

Portable Sampling Booth Features:
Working area made of stainless steel frame inside built-in colorless transparent glass, novel structure, easy to observe.
Owned rechargeable DC power supply to achieve the car 's wireless, rechargeable 8 to 12 hours of continuous work 2-3 hours .
Horizontal unidirectional flow of air supply to ensure that items on each shelf in the protection of clean air, and effectively prevent contamination items.

Applicable airflow volume adjustable system, wind speed can be high, low, two steps to adjust, reliable operation, low energy.
Mains and inverter battery can be used interchangeably, flexible, safe and reliable.
Optional pressure gauge , and efficient real-time display differential pressure across the filter .

Optional PAO interfaces for HEPA filter leakage verification to meet the requirements of GMP.

Portable Sampling Booth Description:

1. Plexiglas                            2. HEPA filter
3. Partition plate                   4 out of the wind screen

5. Observation window        6. Working table

7. UPS                                 8. Fans

9. Operation Panel               10. Pre-filter

11. Batteries

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