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Shandong RealForce Enterprises Co., Ltd purchase Yaning air filter and HEPA filter

2014-05-20 12:40:35

Shandong RealForce Enterprises Co., Ltd purchase Yaning air filter and HEPA filter


Shandong RealForce Enterprises Co., Ltd booked Yaning brand air filter and HEPA filter totally over 1500pcs.

The air filter include: Pre air filter 595*595*46mm 600pcs,Multi-Pocket Filter 595*595*600*6P 600PCS,610*610*292 compact HEPA filter 300pcs,and all one-time acceptance at earlier of this month, also give a very highest praise for our HEPA filter with unique patented foam sealant.

Shandong RealForce Enterprises Co., Ltd is strong admistration, the company started to operate coal , has gradually developed into a coal washing , management , logistics , chemicals, real estate development , new product development as an integrated group of companies .

The company is mainly run by the Shandong Runfeng Group Co., Ltd., Shandong RealForce Enterprises Co., LtdShandong Runfeng International Trade Co.LtdShandong RunfengInternational Trade Development Co., Ltd.Shandong Runfeng coal industry was established in 1991, the Group currently employs 1200 people, assets of 670 million yuan, with a modern coal washing plant 5 , a high standard of coal quality laboratory 5 , washing raw coal per year into more than 260 million tons. In 2006 Group sales revenue of 1.5 billion yuan, profits and taxes 110 has become a taxpayer and pillar enterprises Jining City 

Source from Vanessa of Yaning .

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