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Some discussion about the use of Air filter

2014-05-20 12:27:55

Some discussion about the use of Air filter
1, the air filtration principle
Dust filter media and the adhesive strength : the dust particles in the air , or with the air do inertial motion , or do not rule exercise, or by a field force of the movement , when the motion of the particles hit the obstacle , the particle and van der Waals forces between the obstacle so that they stick together.

Filter media material : should be able to not only effectively intercept dust particles, the formation of the airflow without too much resistance. Messy interwoven fibers form numerous particle barrier, wide space between the fibers allow airflow smoothly. Now widely used materials are glass fibers, polypropylene fibers, polyester fibers , plant fibers. Generally good early effect filter using polyester fiber , bag filters with glass fiber and plant fibers.

2 , the performance of the air  filter
On filter performance , the lowest point of the efficiency of the filtration efficiency values 
of the most representative. If the filter material with electrostatic or dust with static electricity , filter effects can be significantly improved. The main reason there are two : static so that dust can change the trajectory and hit obstacles : static electricity so that dust can stick more firmly on the media .

The dust was caught for additional resistance to air flow , the use of filter resistance will gradually increase . The dust captured in the filter medium is formed as one additional obstacles, so use of the filter in filtration efficiency will be increased. Most of the captured dust gathered in the filter material windward . The larger plot filter , the dust can be accommodated , the more the longer the life of the filter .

3 , the service life of the air filter
Dust on the filter medium , the more the greater the resistance . When a large resistance to an unreasonable degree , the filter scrapped. Sometimes, too much resistance would have been captured on the filter dust scattering appears this danger , the filter should also be scrapped. Filter resistance with the gas flow rate increased with the increase , by increasing the area of
the filter material can be reduced through the filter of the relative wind speed to reduce the filter resistance .

New air  filter resistance to initial resistance , the corresponding final resistance resistance scrapped . Final resistance is generally equal to : 2 times the initial resistance . Good washable pre-filter initial resistance of 50 Pa ~ 60 Pa, bag filter initial resistance of 80 Pa ~ l 20 Pa.



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