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Super big size Laminar air flow Booth

  • Model: AL-CS Series
  • Category: Laminar flow Series
  • Applicable: Simplfied cleanroom
  • Clean Class Level: 100class/1000class/10000class
  • Electrical: 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz International
  • Optional: Pressure gauge/UV light/ULPA filter

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Product Details

Super big size Laminar flow Booth

Super big size laminar flow booth is designed for rapid construction of high cleanliness and design simple clean room, with short construction period, low cost, easy maintenance, reusable, clean class level can be improved by increasing or decreasing the number of FFU and many other advantages, super big size laminar flow booth increasingly applied to a variety of large electronics factory, food packaging and other industries.

Big size laminar flow Booth standard models:


Exernal Size: 6000*8000*4000mm(W*L*H)

Internal Size: 5900*7900*3650mm(W*L*H)

Clean Class Level: in 1000class

Framework: Stainless steel

Walls: Plexiglass


Exernal Size: 6000*10000*4000mm(W*L*H)

Internal Size: 7900*9900*3650mm(W*L*H)

Clean Class Level: in 10000class

Framework: Epoxy powder coated steel

Walls: Air Curtain


Exernal Size: 8000*12000*4000mm(W*L*H)

Internal Size: 7900*11900*3650mm(W*L*H)

Clean Class Level: in 100,000class

Framework: Aluminum

Walls: Strip Curtain

Customized Design is welcome.

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