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The introduction of the pass thru box in the decontamination works

2014-05-20 12:34:37

The introduction of the pass thru box in the decontamination works

Purification project in the pass box is generally divided into two categories, the pass box and pass box with air shower(dynamic pass box), following specific explanation respective characteristics :

(A ) Common pass box : the pass box can be divided into mechanical interlocking pass box and electronic interlocking pass box, the standard pass box, air shower floor pass box, laboratory equipment pass box, biosafety pass box, the food industry special pass box, pharmaceutical clean room dedicated pass box, the electronics industry pass box, the pass box is a clean room auxiliary equipment , the pass thru box is mainly used for the transfer of goods between the clean area or clean areas and clean areas , The pass box according to customer requirements making non-standard pass box .

(1)Outside the box for the cold plate of white paint , wall and roof and floor of stainless steel ;
(2) mechanical interlock or electronic interlocking device , but can only open one of the doors ;
Pass box equipped with a special seal to ensure air tightness .
Window can be set sterilization methods such as ultraviolet light or ozone or equipped with a walkie-talkie on both sides of the box , to enable staff to facilitate communication and contact.

( B ) air shower pass box(Dynamic pass box)
Air shower pass box is a clean room auxiliary equipment, is mainly used to pass small objects between the clean room and clean area or between different levels of different pressure clean room equipment , on the one hand, play the role of the airlock , not high-level clean room high-pressure relief , on the other hand , the transfer process to achieve the effect of blowing leaching to ensure that goods entering the clean area clean to reduce cross-contamination caused by the object ; blowing leaching time according to the actual needs of be adjusted to achieve maximum effect of blowing and energy saving shower within 1 minute . Air shower pass box technical parameters :

Air shower pass box standard technical parameters
1, the electronic / mechanical interlocks , and can only open one of the doors ;
2 , outside the box is made of 1.2mm thick cold plate A3 multi-acid spray ( ivory ) , the inner wall 304 stainless steel ;
Air shower pass box with 4-6 multi-angle adjustable nozzle , blowing leaching at the top , with a strong wind , low noise fan, voltage:380V 50HZ surface wind speed is greater than 25 m/s;

4, with a HEPA filter , filtration efficiency : 99.99% 0.5um to ensure that the level of purification ;
5 infrared sensor automatic blow shower , clean area from the entrance into the infrared sensor automatically blowing leaching out from the clean areas after the transfer window does not blow shower to save energy ;
6, the direction of the panel of the door and go out of the tube with a pick up light ;


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