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The products of monitoring and measuring control procedures

2014-05-20 12:37:26

The products of monitoring and measuring control procedures

1 objective

Monitoring and measuring  for all kinds of the characteristics of the productEnsure that all of products accord with the quality requirements of the provisions, and verify delivery of products to satisfy customer's requirements

2 Scope of application

The procedures are suitable for all kinds of products(including raw materialpurchased partcooperation partsemi-finished productsfinished product)characters testingverifying and monitoring.

3 Terms Glossary

3.1TestThrough the observation and judgmentappropriate according to the measuring, test of compliance evaluation

3.2 verifyThrough the provision of objective evidenceto meet the requirements has been recognized

3.3 Incoming quality controlFor the different kinds of products which enter into the company(including spot purchase, outward processing come back and customer samples) should proceed quality features a group of operation compliance validation                                                                                            

3.4 In process quality controlFor the all products which in production should measuring and test and verify, then  determine whether their compliance with the quality requirements.

3.5 First item inspection The products for try production should measure or verification before the commercial productionconfirm the quality meets the requirements than allow into mass production.

3.6 Independent inspectionProduct quality testing or validation activity are proceed by producer themselves.

3.7 Crosschecking: After working process to process beforor First-line managers to producersProduct quality supervision or validation activity

3.8 Final inspections professional staff to already complete machining process of the corresponding semi-finished products and finished goods before storing in packaging ordeliver the customer before and after the quality inspection or before validation activity

4 Responsibility

4.1 The manufacturing quality control class leader, supervision and management of all kinds product quality inspection activities, inspection report for examination and approvaltracking and validation nonconforming product processing modeParticipate in the implementation of and review the corrective action and preventive measuressuggestion foroutstanding achievements inspection personnel or dereliction give rewards and punishments, etcResponsible for the standard that presses a regulation and implementation method, process inspection incoming inspection and final inspection, product audit and full size inspection activitiestruthfully record test process and result.

4.2 General manager/Manufacturing minister: Responsible for special products (Project) emergency release approval

4.3 The direct production (operating) workers from each  manufacturing department  should be responsible for the first inspection, self-check and mutual inspectionEach basic management personnel should be responsible for confirmation of first inspection and mutual inspection. 

5 Working procedure

5.1 R & D department in conjunction with the manufacturing department quality control , national and international standards or customer requirements combined with the practical condition to make the products quality inspection standard ,test or validation methods , determination criterion or the acceptance criteria; All kinds of inspection activities should be carried out strictly according to the regulation (required), and to determine correctly if they are qualified or not .

5.1.1 When the incoming products (including the purchasing products, customers with property, hair outside (external) processing returns product) arrive to the factory, the relevant personnel(purchasing department/warehouse controller) notify the incoming inspection personnel from the quality control department (r&d technology related personnel) to the site, and then to record the inspection results faithfully and to determine if they are qualified or not according to the raw material/outsourcing parts inspection standards " and " the sampling inspection rules "relevant regulations and on the basis of the quality of the product of the corresponding standard (requirements) and inspection or validation methods for inspection. All kinds of products belong to the range of verification  should test and collect as well as keep the suppliers related quality report (quality certificate) for future reference according to the corresponding verification method verification. After the examination or validation for qualified incoming judge products, the inspection personnel should stamp "qualified" seal on the product (tag) or provide corresponding proof (report), and check the incoming number (or keeping/use)

by the warehouse (or keeping) personnel . After the examination or verification of materials to be determined as unqualified products, the inspection personnel should suspend (paste) "unqualified" logo on the products, and inform the related personnel (purchasing department/sales) to deal with them according to the nonconforming control procedures ".   If the product can't be tested on time or cant wait for the inspection results, then it should be put forward an urgent production application by the manufacturing department and deliver to the general manager or the manufacturing department minister for approval. It can release until the striking logos are done, and notify the process inspection personnel to strictly control the products quality. The releasing time  is limited by the test time required. When the test result is unqualified, the quality control department shall be notified immediately to stop the production, and retrieve the already released products as well as completes the logo to deal with.

5.1.2 In the process of production (processing)for all kinds of products shall be tested ,examined or verified according to the corresponding workshop working instruction inspection requirements, quality plan/control plans requirements, related inspection standard and inspection method. When products are transferred into the continuous production, the machine (process) operator should often self-check the necessary number products, in order to verify the device, mould, products quality is stable or not ; The First-line managers are responsible for sampling inspection & validation .

5.1.3 The quality control department inspection personnel for each process confirm the first results according to relevant products (process) inspection standard and inspection method ,and do detection test according to certain time interval extraction, filling out inspection records (report), and reporting the qualified problem, tracking validation processing results.  When it is necessary, they have the right to inform  a moratorium on the production to ensure the products can comply with the quality requirements.

5.1.4 If it has to release the rejected products due to the production, the manufacture department shall work together with the related r&d technicians to analyze and confirm the final product quality defects effects and the waste correct prevention capacity. Then the manufacture production scheduling researchers propose the exception application to the general manager (or the manufacture department minister) for approval. The inspection personnel should do some striking logo for releasing, and notify the final inspection personnel to strictly test the released products quality; Once the great influence wan found , it should stopped the exception release, and retrieve the already released products as well as completes the logo to deal with.

5.1.5 For incoming (including semi-finished products and finished products) or the products ready to deliver to the customers , the quality control department finally inspection personnel should determine if the products are qualified or not according to the finished products inspection standards "& " the sampling inspection rules "relevant regulations on the basis of the quality of the product of the corresponding standard (requirements) and to test or check out the methods for inspection as well as record the inspection results faithfully . Once the products are tested to be qualified, the inspection personnel should stamp "qualified" in the product labels (process card) . When the products are determined to be substandard products by the test, the inspectors should hang or stick the mark on the product with disqualification, and notify the relevant personnel to isolate the storage according to the to dispose,and follow the tracking validation processing results.

5.1.6 Quality control department should arrange officials to sample and audit all kinds of packaging products in proper frequency to verify compliance with all specified requirements(such as product, packaging, labeling, etc.);When customers have  requirements, they should test the full size and functional verification in the frequency as customers requirements, the results are submitted for customer review.  

5.2 In order to prevent the misuse or the ship wrong goods, the right inspection marks should be choosen in inspecting various products according to the actual situation. The inspection mark including: inspection pendingqualifiedmutatis mutandisdisqualificationjudgment pendingdispose pending etc. Specific requirement according < Identification and traceability management approach> to carry out.

5.3 Inspection records (report) fill inapproval dispose statisticsanalysis and storage.

5.3.1 All kinds of inspection personnel should according the rule or requirement to record inspection process accurately and completely, the judge inspection results or handle suggestions should be written neatly and kept the surface clean.

5.3.2 All kinds of inspection personnel should according the rule or requirement to record inspection process accurately and completely, the judge inspection results or handle suggestions should be wrote neatly and kept the surface clean.

5.3.3 Inspection records (report) should be hand in confirmation or for examination and approval step by step in time, the disqualification in the record(report) should informrelevant departments to deal with as < Unqualified control program> in time, the related personnel of quality control department should be responsible for tracking verification and reporting nonconforming product processing results.

5.3.4 Quality records(report) should be collected regularly to the related statistical analysis personnel of quality control department, and choose appropriate statistical analysis technology statistical classification, draw figure, analysis quality trend of change, find out the cause of the existing or potential, plan to correct or preventive measures, and regularly or timely report to the related management for decision-making reference.

5.3.5 Incoming inspection statistical results should be submitted to general logistics department purchasing group to review as a basis of qualified suppliers.

5.3.6 Quality control department should assign part-time (or full-time) personnel to responsiblefor the inspection record and relevant information of the collectionclear upclassification index, keeping properly and use, specific requirements according to records control program execution.

5.4 The quality inspection posts should choose the personnel who have appropriated training and obtained necessary qualification. The corresponding skills to ensure the competence. The training methods according to execute.

5.4.1 The quality control division chief should periodically organize assess on inspection personnels professional ethics,the quality performance and competency-based. The results need to be submitted to general logistics department human administrative group to deposit in employees' personal files as the main basis for choosing, promotion, raises and reward in the future.

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