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What clean class level of clean booth for Touch screen industry should be done ?

2014-10-20 22:59:40

1,emphasis ; touch screen fitting procedure, generally do one hundred clean class clean booth, the purpose is to produce the most qualified products, reduce losses and increase revenue. On-time delivery .
2, rest of the program; generally do one thousand and ten thousand clean class clean booth.

Clean shed, shed purification, clean room operation booth ( purification stations , clean shed, clean studio , CLEAN BOOTH): is an industrial aluminum ( or stainless steel square tube, square iron through spray ) as a scaffold, using centrifugal fan HEPA filter unit supply airflow, surrounded by anti- static power grid curtain ( or plexiglass / Acrylic glass ), internal purification level of up to 100 clean class; especially suitable for partial purification workshop area of high clean class level requirements, such as assembly line work area. Clean shed , clean booth, clean room booth, by Anlaitech purification manufacturer, top quality, good looks , affordable. Anlaitech is a professional air purification equipment manufacturer, the company has been established for the tens of thousands of well-known customers service ! Over the years won the praise of customers. Clean booth, clean shed, clean room booth can be divided into : one hundred clean booth, one thousand clean shed, ten thousand clean room booth, Anlaitech to provide customers one-stop service ! Clean Features :

1, the assembly structure design, easy installation , greatly shorten the delivery cycle ;

2 , easy to move ( can be mounted caster ) ;

3 , modular structure, improve the purification level is easy , extensible, and reuse of high value ;

4 , relatively clean benches , large interior space available and effective; relatively conventional clean rooms, low cost, fast construction and low height of the floor .

1 , Stand: 40 * 40 industry-specific aluminum solid, beautiful, no rust, no dust production ;

2 , anti-static curtain : 0.3mm thick mesh ( imported from Korea ) anti-static effect, transparency, mesh clear, Flexibility is good, no deformation , not aging.

3 , the core part of the clean booth with a warranty period of one year FFU laminar flow hood , low noise , safety.

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