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What is the effect of the emergency switch on the air shower

2018-01-05 15:45:53

What is the effect of the emergency switch on the air shower


Many users often ask anlaitech clean room equipment manufacturer Lisa, air shower room above have several buttons, the other has a red called emergency switch, also called the emergency stop switch, this switch is what effect? With this question, Lisa and ANLAITECH engineers to understand the real situation, and summarized to introduce to you

The emergency switch hears the term, and I believe that you can probably understand the meaning of the word.


1. If the air shower room installation needs to connect the power supply, if the construction personnel do not pay attention that easily do wrong connection of the line, then the air shower get electricity and running, the air shower room is not blown, needs to use the emergency switch to cut off the power supply. Otherwise, the fan and the control panel will be damaged easily.


2. shut off the power supply when the factory is resting for long holidays by a pressing emergency switch.


3. when the dust free workshop needs to be rebuilt, the emergency switch can be pressed to cut off the power supply for the convenience of the builders.


4. the emergency situation in the air shower room can be pressed the emergency switch to cut off the power supply and effectively improve the personal safety of the staff


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