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What is the standard basis of selecting different materials for air shower room?

The clenbuterol, drainage oil, poisonous rice, sterilization of cucumber, pepper staining. Dutch act watermelon, the food industry is facing a serious credit crisis! Said hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first! China in food safety, we give up trying never, then follow anlaitech to understand how to correctly choose the air shower room, and what […]

The working principle of air shower (Photo Collection)

Air Shower working principle of common version: air filter through the prefilter, then through high pressure air shower machine will be pressed into the shower room by static pressure box, clean air filter 99.99%@0.3um filtered by a rotatable nozzle to spray from all directions the human body, so as to effectively and quickly remove dust particles, […]

What is the effect of the emergency switch on the air shower

Many users often ask anlaitech Clean Room Equipment manufacturer Lisa, Air Shower Room above have several buttons, the other has a red called emergency switch, also called the emergency stop switch, this switch is what effect? With this question, Lisa and ANLAITECH engineers to understand the real situation, and summarized to introduce to you The emergency switch hears […]

Introduction of the technical principle of automatic circulation ventilation air shower for clean room

The utility model relates to a Air Shower,in particular to an Automatic Circulating Air Shower Room with air exhaust system, which belongs to the field of plant division equipment. BACKGROUND ART  At present, in the electronic, laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical and food processing precision in the manufacturing industry, for the workplace air cleanliness requirements are high, such […]

The Basic Information of Clean Room

A clean room is a temperature, lighting, humidity, dust free, human contaminant free and air controlled environment required to manufacture sensitive products and conduct delicate research. Air Shower Clean Room is required to prevent even the slightest trace of contaminants, magnetic fields or excessive air particles from damaging these highly sensitive products. Some industries that […]

Cleanroom Applications

Generally, Air Showers are self contained chambers normally installed at Air Shower Cleanroom Chamber and other controlled areas. They reduce particulate matter going in and out from a clean space. It works in a way where personnel and materials that goes in and out from the controlled environment are being scrubbed with high velocity HEPA […]

The Components of A Clean Room

A clean room is an environment that is used for the manufacturing of precision equipment or conducting of scientific research that has a strictly controlled level of contamination. Clean rooms used specifically designed equipment such us Pharmaceutical Pass Box to control the amount of particles per cubic meter at a specified particle size in the […]