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How to determine the size of the air shower room according to the scene

How to determine the size of the air shower room according to the scene

Every air shower user would like to know how to accurately identify the size of the Air Shower Room.If do the air shower room too large, the cost of waste, is too small, affect the production efficiency, it should be how to determine a good size? www.cleanroomffu.com summed up several points for you to uncover the mystery:


  1. With our usually usingthe single and double blow air shower AL-AS-1300/P1 model size with 1300W*1000D*2100H as example,  The size of the reserved air shower chamber is larger than the outer dimension, but not too large, because too large that cause air shower room is not easy to trimming the edge after installation.
  1. If the walls of the workshop are concrete walls, the two sides must be horizontal and vertical, and reserve thesize larger than air shower size, each side size 5mm larger is better, so the reserved size for air shower it is 1310W*1000D*2110H.
  1. If the surrounding walls of the workshop are sandwich panel, the size of the air shower room can be reserved according to the size of concrete solid wall, but the outer box of the air shower chamber is the right angle, so trimming will not only bring low cost, but also make it more beautiful on trimming.
  1. The installation of the air shower room should also install the 380V3phase four wire or 220V 1phase power supply in place, and the power is greater than the power of the air shower room.
  1. The ground floor has reached the basic level, the ground level tolerance is +/-3mm

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