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How to keep the positive pressure of Modular clean room

The main purpose of keeping the positive pressure of modular clean room is to ensure the original cleanliness of modular clean room, so how can we keep the positive pressure of modular clean room.


The modular clean room is a simple clean room for the most rapid and convenient building. The modular clean room has a variety of clean grades and space collocation can be designed and made according to the needs of use. Therefore, it is easy to use elastic large installation, short construction period and removable. Therefore, the modular clean room is mainly used in local need of high cleanliness, such as: electronic lcd, circuit board, optics. Food, biological medicine and other fields

Modular clean room positive pressure control needs to pay attention to the following points:

The Modular clean room must maintain a certain positive pressure value to ensure that it is not polluted by the outside environment. It is achieved by making the air supply volume of the purification system greater than that of the return air volume and the exhaust air volume. The dark drop size of the air supply pearl is affected by the sealing performance of the enclosure structure. The static pressure difference between the different grades of Modular clean room and between the clean area and the unclean area should not be less than 5pa. The difference between static pressure and outdoor pressure is not less than 10pa.

The air distribution of Modular clean room is different from that of Air Conditioning Room, it has great influence on cleanliness, so we should set out from the requirement of production technology to cleanliness, according to the principle of economy and the material point of building. When cleanliness is required to be 100, laminar flow layer is selected, and turbulent flow pattern is selected when cleanliness is 1000-100000.

The principle of Modular clean room is that the FFU fan filter unit is filtered by the first line of fresh air by the primary filter, and then by the filter of 99.99 @ 0.3um in the second channel of the high efficiency filter. The whole outlet air surface is fed into the clean shed at a uniform speed of 0.45 m / s / -20%, which makes the clean air flow in a vertical one-way flow, thus ensuring the required cleanliness in the working area.

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