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Cleanroom Applications

Generally, Air Showers are self contained chambers normally installed at Air Shower Cleanroom Chamber and other controlled areas. They reduce particulate matter going in and out from a clean space. It works in a way where personnel and materials that goes in and out from the controlled environment are being scrubbed with high velocity HEPA […]

The Components of A Clean Room

A clean room is an environment that is used for the manufacturing of precision equipment or conducting of scientific research that has a strictly controlled level of contamination. Clean rooms used specifically designed equipment such us Pharmaceutical Pass Box to control the amount of particles per cubic meter at a specified particle size in the […]

Air Showers For Clean Room Create An Clean Environment For Pharmaceutical Production And Lab

Air Showers offer an effective way to remove surface-deposited particles from personnel—before they get to the clean room. Air Shower is a self contained Room designed to prevent contaminations caused in Clean Room due to clean room personnel. Clean room Air Showers wash personnel with Class 100 air to dislodge and remove particles. Anlai Air […]

The Importance Of Keeping Your Pleated Filter Clean

As we can see, a clean room can bring many benefits to our body and mood, but how to keep our room or workplace always cleaning? Today, I’ll tell you some practical experiences from my daily life. We know, using cheap Fiberglass filters will not remove the small particles responsible for Asthma and Allergy attacks. […]

How Are Clean Room Manufactured And What’s Their Application?

A clean room is defined as a place that provides attentively controlled environment that has a low level of environmental pollutants such as airborne microbes, dust, chemical vapors, and aerosol particles. When the air entered in an air clean room it is filtered and then continuously circulated through high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or ultra-low […]

The Function Of Mini-Pleated HEPA Filter

This is Guangzhou Anlai Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd for everyone to bring a new industry benchmark for mini-pleated HEPA filter: Width 1300mm non- stitching Mini-pleated HEPA filter, Air filter manufacturers have done a lot of this mini-pleated type HEPA filter, but concentrate on each product and take it to extreme level, it is mini […]

What Are The Uses Of Air Shower Pass Box For Clean Room

Clean room products are playing more and more important roles in our daily life. One of the clean room products – Air shower pass box is made of stainless steel materials, the rugged structure make it best quality and long life. As a part of the clean room, air showers are used to decontaminate by […]