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Six common reasons for not blowing of air shower booth

The factory that uses the Air Shower sometimes will encounter the Air Shower Room does not blow the phenomenon. When the Air Shower Manufacturer fails to arrive in time to deal with the trouble on the spot, may refer to the following note to check the reason of air shower not blow:

First check whether the power supply switch and the emergency stop switch are on, if both reasons are not, check the circuit, whether the leakage switch is closed.
Whether the IC circuit board is configured to fuse the FUSE safety pipe, and if the fuse fuse is broken, the 4A should be replaced.
Check whether the fretting and optoelectronic switches are active, and if not, replace the fretting and optoelectronic switches.
If the AC contactor does not work, it will affect the blowing, need to replace the AC contactor.
If the circuit board can not output signal to AC contactor coil, it needs to replace IC circuit board.
No forced opening is allowed when the shower room is blowing. In case of emergency, stop by emergency switch.

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