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The Basic Information of Clean Room

A clean room is a temperature, lighting, humidity, dust free, human contaminant free and air controlled environment required to manufacture sensitive products and conduct delicate research. Air Shower Clean Room is required to prevent even the slightest trace of contaminants, magnetic fields or excessive air particles from damaging these highly sensitive products. Some industries that require ‘clean’ rooms are precision electronics, space research, biotechnology, optics, computing, nanofabrication, pharmaceutical, data recovery etc.

Stainless Steel Air Shower Room

Clean rooms are classified according to the levels of air cleanliness consistently achieved by them (i.e. the size and number of air particles, permissible in a given volume of air). The first standard for classifying ‘clean’ rooms was introduced in the United States in 1963. It was known as Federal Standard 209. It is the most widely used worldwide benchmark standard, even in use today and continues to be known as the Federal Standard. However, different series numbers have been introduced over the years to indicate the up gradation of its standards. The current series is the 209 E.

Due to the gradual multiplicity of Stainless Steel Air Shower Room standards, across the world, the standard called ISO (i.e. ISO – 14644-1) was introduced in 1999, to standardize the mushrooming standards! Yet it has not gained the same popularity as the Federal Standard 209 series.

A proper clean room undergoes regular maintenance, upkeep and annual inspection. Most clean rooms follow a standard procedure of:

(a) Not letting the contaminant in, from the outside. Air locks / air curtains / Modular Cleanroom Air Shower or air cubicles direct the air flow, in order to get rid of most outside contaminants. Special protective clothing from head to toe prevents any leakage of contaminants that may have escaped the first stage. The clothing themselves do not give off any particles. No colds allowed inside, please.

(b) Contamination is not allowed to be generated by the machinery, raw material or the processes inside the regulated environment.

(c) Despite these efforts, when the first signs of contamination are noticed, the contaminants are immediately evacuated, automatically, by repeated filtering.

In terms of data recovery, ‘clean’ rooms are meant to ‘Do no further harm’ while trying to recover from or repair the damage, that has been already caused to your sensitive data storage media. Clean rooms also facilitate the recovery of data or storage media that have been subjected to sabotage (Data forensics is a specialized science on its own). More online service at cleanroomffu

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