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Introduction of the technical principle of automatic circulation ventilation air shower for clean room

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Introduction of the technical principle of automatic circulation ventilation air shower for clean room


Introduction of the technical principle of automatic circulation ventilation air shower for clean room


The utility model relates to a air shower, in particular to an automatic circulating air shower room with air exhaust system, which belongs to the field of plant division equipment.

Introduction of the technical principle of automatic circulation ventilation air shower for clean room



At present, in the electronic, laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical and food processing precision in the manufacturing industry, for the workplace air cleanliness requirements are high, such as the production of LCD panels, due to the precision of the product, high quality process, so the production process needs the highly clean the production workshop, so the need for workplace clean air test strictly control.


In order to ensure the quantity of dust production reached high clean requirements, the staff before entering the clean room, the staff need to enter the air shower room shower to remove the dust on the body carrying. Now in addition to the use of each industry sealing air shower room is composed of air blower, the primary filter into the plenum then, the HEPA filter, clean air blow from the air shower nozzles, which can effectively remove dust on the surface of the character or carrying articles, and return the dust blown into the initial effect air filter. This cycle can better filter the dust in the air, and achieve the requirement of environmental high cleanliness in all industries.


But this traditional sealed circulating filtration structure, after repeated air showering operation, due to personnel after entering air shower in the pool disinfection bring the odor of sterilizing water into the air shower room from the surface, gradually making the air smell more and more concentrated, which later entered the staff prone to dizziness and sultry. Body does not adapt to the situation. Therefore, it is meaningful to study a kind of clean room air shower with good dust removal effect and fresh indoor air.


Practical new content


The utility model aims to solve the existing air shower room adopts closed air type internal circulation system, causing the air smell, problems affecting the health of the staff, to provide an automatic circulation ventilation air shower, the air shower room by setting the timing automatic exhaust, exhaust time, update the indoor air, to achieve clean the degree of control of the indoor air purposes, has the advantages of simple structure, the characteristics of automatic control and air cleanliness high


Automatic circulation ventilation air shower room includes a housing, clean room, fan, filter, high efficiency filter and the nozzle, the nozzle includes a nozzle inlet and nozzle outlet, the clean room is higher than that of the inside of the housing shell divided into clean and non clean air duct, the side wall of the air inlet and the air outlet the nozzles are located in non clean and clean air duct, between the primary filter and filter the nozzle inlet and outlet, the inlet nozzle passes through the primary filter, high efficiency filter and the air outlet is characterized in that the shell is provided with an exhaust fan, in the clean air duct open communication with the external environment and clean room first and second through holes, in the non clean air duct are respectively arranged on the outer environment and clean rooms and communicated with the third and fourth through holes

Preferably, the upper portion of the first and second through holes arranged on the clean air, the first through hole and the second through holes, the lower part of the third and fourth through holes arranged on the non clean air duct, third hole and fourth hole connected, forming a flow from top to bottom of the stream structure

Further, the first through hole is provided with a filter for filtering the air of the outer environment.


As a preferred case, the outer shell is also provided with a control panel. The input end of the control board adopts a touch panel, and the output end of the control panel is connected with air exhaust fan, and the exhaust fan adopts a regular working mode, and the timing exhaust is arranged.


As a preferred choice, the filter package is suitable for mounting rack and filter plate, and the mounting rack is fixed and covered on the first through hole. The filter plate is slid and clamped on the mounting rack, and the first through hole of the sealing cap is connected.

As preferred, the direction of the nozzle can be rotated.


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